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Hello my name is Joan Doherty. After attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where I studied weaving I travelled to Europe for ten months and immersed myself in the wonderful textile design world of Finland, Denmark, England and Ireland. After concentrating on weaving and doll making for the next twenty years I discovered canvas floor mats and have been producing them at home in the studio for the last seven years. A contemporary and Historic art form. Their unique colours and highly imaginative motifs have made them a firm favourite with all of Joans visitors and friends.

Canvas floor mats have been made for a couple of hundred years (often old sails were used as a source for material) to provide a practical and colourful covering for the often rough floors of the earlier settlers. Over time they grew more refined and ended up being beautifully hand painted works used in fine mansions. The advent of mass produced linolium pushed them out of mass production but the last decade has seen them taken up by many artists and they are again in favour as a colourful easy to clean allergy free alternative to wool and synthetic rugs, not forgetting that they are also suitable as wall art.

Browse the gallery to view Joan's collection of floor mats